Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Activists planning autumn strikes and mass protests

Taken from This is Plymouth

ACTIVISTS in Plymouth are planning further strikes and mass protests against cuts to jobs and public services.
Around 40 trade union figures and campaigners met to discuss their autumn action plan over the weekend.
They are to stage dozens of events in coming months, including marches, rallies, "flash mobs" and festivals.
Unionists urged the city's public sectors workers to support a national day of action, due to be held across the country on November 8.
The latest call to arms follows mass action at the end of June, which saw thousands of people support striking teachers and civil servants in Plymouth.
Plymouth Fightback Against the Cuts held the latest conference at the Quaker House, Mutley Plain, on Saturday.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

John McDonnell MP addresses the Plymouth May Day Festival

This is part one of the speech John McDonnell MP gave to the Plymouth May Day Festival. Part 2, and the question and answer session are available on the same YouTube channel.